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Facade of the student tavern “Red Ox”
Heidelbergs famous Student Pub and Inn „Zum Roten Ochsen” – “Red Ox Inn”
Entering the pub through the narrow door, you indeed will find more than just an inn. You will encounter an institution of vivacious happiness, which has as well formed the face of Heidelberg as University Town.

The house was erected in 1703. It is since 170 years – and with Anne und Philipp Spengel now in the 6. generation – that this original student pub is owned by the Spengel family. They always had - and will have in future - two most important tasks: To preserve the “Old”, the tradition, and enrich it with the vivid spirit of the new epoch.

That is why the guest will not find in the “Red Ox Inn” just a museums` relict of old student times, but a place of unfenced joyful encounters on historical background. And the history is facing you from all the walls and ceilings.
Not only generations of the Spengel family, but as well generations of visitors from all over the Globe are connected with the “Red Ox Inn”.

The „crackling“ international whirl of languages, from any country, the shoulder to shoulder with your neighbor, the noise and pell-mell of languages, sung or spoken, underlined by the music of “the man on the piano”, all this creates the unique atmosphere.

You need to have been there, in the “Red Ox Inn” at Heidelberg. Thousands had confirmed it. Thirty guestbooks give evidence with names such as Bismarck and Mark Twain, Heinrich George and Postmaster Stephan, Mamie Eisenhower and John Foster Dulles, Cardinal Spellmann, Theodor Heuss, Hermann Loens, John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe.

Above all it were the students of the “Free Swiss Union”, the student fraternity “Frankonia”, the corps “Rupertia” and the “ Hamburg Fellowship”, who were guests in the “Red Ox Inn” and even had their permanent home there. Amongst the guests we also found the famous Hamburg Neurologist Max Nonne, who even was called several times to the sick-bed of the Russian Leader Lenin, and the Swiss Parliament Member and later States President Joseph Motta, who many hours of their Heidelberg student`s time spent in their beloved “Red Ox Inn”. Besides the drinking horns and the peculiar beer steins and the uncountable other trophies, the abundant pictures and lithographies are scattered on the walls and show a vivid image of those times.

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